Tips on Doing Distant Healing

Essentially the success of either in-house or distant healing is very much determined by intentio,, this is different from healing a painful bump on shoulder. There is both the intention of the client and the intention of the healer. We are powerful creators, and when we focus our intention, it is remarkable what we can achieve or orchestrate in our life. Usually, a client has reached a point in their life where they have made a decision that they are seeking to improve their current circumstances. Often the healer is a person who has decided to dedicate their lives to assisting others on their healing journey.


Quantum Biofeedback is a very successful way of conducting a distant healing. The Indigo is the latest in an evolving range of biofeedback machines. Forerunners to the Indigo include the EPFX, QXCI and the SCIO. The latest Indigo Quantum Biofeedback technology is more sensitive and accurate and has an increased matrix of healing frequencies.


This is an evolving technology. These highly evolved computerized biofeedback machines seem to have a consciousness of their own and are very suited to Distant Healing.


Our intention to be healed allows us to receive these restorative frequencies just like a radio receives a particular broadcast when tuned to the right frequencies. By interfacing with your body electric the Indigo calculates, using complex principles of mathematics and quantum physics, the precise balancing frequencies to be sent to you.


Both personally and professionally we have seen countless examples of the effectiveness of these distant healings. When we give ourselves biofeedback sessions, we now run them as distant healing sessions. We do not use the harness or get connected to the Indigo computer directly. We have learned to let go of old paradigms and analytical and logical mindsets. We still get excellent, uncompromised results from distance Quantum Biofeedback sessions.


Distant healings are no different. Essentially it requires intention, a transmitter (the practitioner with Quantum Indigo) and a receiver (the client whose intention is to receive these restorative frequencies). We live in an advanced, computerized, technological age. Why not take advantage of the marvelous new technologies that are evolving before our very eyes in the field of Quantum Healing.